Posting via iPhone!!!

Lolz I found the livejournal apps on my iPhone!! Now I can do mobile blogging!! There's even a photobucket apps.. I shall try if it's possible to post pictures next time..

I'm so excited about the upcoming japan trip.. Lolz it's goin to be our first super long trip (nt considering Malaysia).. Shall post more often next time..

Though it's a lil late my new yr resolution this yr is to quit after bonus!! =p

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Letting go....

My love life is starting afresh with a new boyfriend. Not like anybody doesnt know since we are already officially together for 3 months now and the "drama" started way before we even ended up together. So yah this post is like really late.. Okies but that's not the point.. I'm talkin about letting go here...

Ed and me has been together for 4 years.. People (including my own mum and Ed) are telling me i am mean to let it go.. But seriously how many of you know what I was thinkin and how our relationship is like? Why should I hang on to a relationship that I dont believe in anymore? Okies never mind, I'm not tryin to make excuses...

Let's just say a guy and a girl are together for a long period of time.. And even after the long period of time, the guy still doesnt understands you or the guy is really unsuitable for you.. And there is serious communication breakdown between the both of you.. And everytime you 2 meetup its mostly quarrel and it has reached a point where everything the other party do tend to irk you a little.. Seriously whats the point of hanging on? So what if the guy is nice or if the guy is financially stable or if the guy really loves you? Is there really a need to hang on, make both party miserable and get into a marriage that is like a fiasco? Okies i am NOT talking about ed and me.. I am jus speakin in general... This case just seems to be happening around so I'm jus shooting off my mouth here...

Oh well.. Food for thought.. I'm really bored at work now and I havent blog in the longest time... Lolz...

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I need a break...

I really need a break from work... Both my "bosses" is tryin their damnedest to find fault in my work.. Admittedly, I do make mistakes at work but its human to err isnt it? Do they really have to make a mountain out of a molehill?

Just had my appraisal yesterday.. As expected, its nt good.. Somehow they still wanna keep me and started discussing abt my future here, and how much I will learn.. Keep trying to tell me the job mkt outside is damn bad and I sldnt quit.. I started being a lil sarcastic.. Sorry can't help it.. Oh well.. Watever lar.. I still gotta be here for another 3 mths or so anyway.. Y does university take so damn long to mark 2 exam script? *fed up*

Anyways its my bday tmr and I am goin to Korea on 28.. I've got abt 12 days of leave coming up (including Sat and Sun) so yeah.. I sld return a slightly happier person.. Hopefully...

*yeah i am pms-sy if u r wondering...

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Just passing by...


My baby in pampers.. Hee..

*Opps i still gotta upload her pic in the Pooh suit. Yan gonna kill me if I still don't.. lolz!

My studies is coming to an end in 3 days time.. *yippie!* and I passed my final theory yst.. *dbl yippie!*

I am goin to Korea in a month's time!! *smilez aplenty*

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Travelling Plans (^-^)/

My exams are ending in exactly 11 days!! Last papers! *whoopie!*
So excited.. I won't say my results are good but at least if nothing goes wrong with my last 2 papers, my second-upper is a definite.. =p

So now that I am goin to be "freer", I can plan my travelling itinerary..

First up.. Korea - 28 May to 4 June (supposedly)... I am looking at adding Tokyo in from 4-6/7 June... Since Korea and Tokyo is back-to-back and it only takes abt an hr or 2 to reach by flight *smilez*

Top-Left (clockwise direction): Namdeumung, Seoul.. Some key icon in Jeju, Korea.. Train Ticket in Tokyo.. Taka in Shinjuku, Tokyo.. Yepz that's me in the picture.. Hee..

p/s: Yan.. Pls dun kill me.. I'll try to make it back for ur bday k? =)

Next.. I am definitely goin to Taiwan - 14 Jan to 18 Jan 2010.. Lolz a lil far off but still.. Jetstar air tickets is a lil too irresistible..

Top-Left (clockwise direction): Taipei 101 buiding, Xin Beitou Hot Spring!!, that meteor garden car theme restuarant, toilet theme restuarant =P

Of course Ed and me is planning a L.A. and Las Vegas trip somewhere next year.. Prob in Feb or over xmas.. I wanna go during winter.. I'm kinda hook on snow and cold places suddenly.. I wonder why.. I used to hate the cold and it usually makes me wanna hibernate.. Lolz ppl do change..

Top-Left (clockwise direction): Hollywood! in LA =)... Disneyland in Anaheim!.. Las Vegas Signboard.. Las Vegas bird-eye view.. Hee

In the meantime.. I am lookin at some place to go alone prob in Sep or smth.. I dunno y i keep harping tat i wanna travel alone.. Probably jus for the experience and fun of it.. Brenna seems to be doin fine by goin to Hong Kong or Tokyo alone almost every yr.. Hee..

Okies after exam.. I also wanna bbq, go swimmin, go suana, go watch a play (I've bought tickets to watch Sing Dollar! The Musical Comedy about Money in July), and do many many other things.. First off... I am goin massaging this Thurs!! Opps.. No you dun know that my first exam starts on Sat.. Lolz!

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I'm bored..

at work.. Its not like I have nothin to do.. Honestly speaking, I have tons of things to do but I'm kinda procrastinating.. I can even use this time to do my 3,000 words assignment due next Wednesday since Elena is out for a meeting and there is no one ard to catch me doing crap.. Still.. I am procrastinating.. Gosh what is happening to my drive?

Anyways since I am bored.. I decided to go google "Things to do when you are bored at work" and to my amazement there is actually this website:

Okies stop askin me why I go google such crap.. I am bored okay...

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Birthdays and Anniversary

Hee the anniversary part is jus a small bit.. Wanted to show off my prezzie for him =p


Yepz 2 sides.. I dun care if you think its nice or nt.. I kinda like it.. (^-^)

For both my babies bday... I bought some lil things for them.. Besides dinner (which he insist on paying), I bought this Hilton cheesecake for Edward.. Hilton cheesecake is supposedly the best in Singapore and pretty famous.. Its nice but I think the price and reviews are over-rated...


Lol self-taken.. Cant really see the cake... But the cake is nt the pt... At least in my bks.. ROFL!

Next I bought Fluffy this green bone that she likes and 2 lil tennis mint-coated balls for her to play...

My girl (2 yrs old le.. cannot consider baby anymore hee) was so absorbed with her bone bone, she can't even look at the camera for a proper pic.. Haiz.. Did i mention my girl is a glutton?


Happily munching away.. =p


Loves of my Life =)
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This is the 4th year already =P

Yepz.. Ed and me is together for 4 yrs already.. How time flies.. Before I was with him, I have not even hold my adult key yet.. And now I'm coming to my mid-twenties.. Crap I feel old jus talking this way... ^^"

I love you dear.. Muacks!

Hee that's called online/official declaration of love.. =P

Okies i am officially a lil nuts here..

Anyways I've got a new phone!! Frm my prince of course.. He queued 3hr+ for the phone just coz he wanted to get the pink edition for me!! Some screwed-up ass in starhub went to forgot abt Ed's order and he had to rush from TM to PS to get my phone.. Apparently the queue at PS was damn long... Oh well =)

Brenna and Sharon seems to think I have the perfect bf.. Sweet and all.. Lolz i think conclusion frm this 3hrs queue and that humonguos flowers I received last bday.. Secretly I think so too.. *psst dun tell him.. nt gd strokin his ego =p*


Nope I don't have that hot box.. The box I have is pretty plain.. Apparently this box/phone is some rockstar limited edition featuring Pink.. But its the same phone I have.. And talkin abt limited edition.. This valentine day, they have this limited edition La Fleur F480 that is damn pretty!


Wow.. I doubt its even sold in SG.. Oh well.. I am content with my pinkish-3-hrs-wait phone =)

Btw.. Don't ask me y I like pink suddenly.. Jus for the record.. I still don't.. lolz!

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Getting Stale..

My blog is getting stale.. Lolz

I promise.. promise.. promise.. I will upload smth soon.. I jus managed to finish sorting out all my pictures.. Becoz my dearest jus gave me this digital photo frame for valentine and I wanna put in pictures (other than those Japan pics he have already uploaded) in it.. =p

Anyways.. I enjoyed vday.. Nt only because I am an occasion person okay.. Lolz..

And.. My classes is starting this Thursday when my exams jus past on 7 Feb.. So yeah i am rushin assignments now.. Haha tata~~

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